Esseremovimento (Bemovement) is a training course made up of different disciplines supporting a wholesome vision of human beings: body, mind, self-awareness and relational ability all mature synergically, and their balance is at the heart of well-being. To include the body’s dimension in our everyday experience, improve the way we move, and our self-awareness are the foundations of significant processes of change and of maintaining health. These are the principles underlying the Feldenkrais® Method, an innovative and effective practice, well known throughout the world for its application in different contexts: health, sports, art, education and rehabilitation.


Based in Trieste, Marta Melucci has been working in the field of somatic education for many years, embracing the idea that movement is an aspect of learning and growth essential to human beings throughout their lives.


A varied range of courses for those wishing to move intelligently, carefully, pleasantly and creatively. Focused seminars and training courses for movement professionals.


The body is our means to have a world

Maurice Merleau-Ponty