contemporary dance

Feldenkrais® Method


beginner lessons  | Tuesday h. 19.45-21.00

intermediate lessons | Tuesday 21.00-22.15 and Thursday 14.30-16.00

at Arteffetto, via del Coroneo 15 – Trieste


As the body carries out an action it moves, feels and relates to space and to others. It is starting from this foundation and from the experience of organic and functional movements that we progressively build dance forms and learn to make even the simplest movement poetic. Lessons are based on techniques such as the release technique (fluid movements and unbalanced poses), floorwork (choreography on the ground) and contact improvisation (composition through physical contact). The aim is to help develop awareness, organize good posture and the ability to manage strength through effective and safe training tools. Contemporary dance combines technique with freedom of expression, allowing us to experience unconventional kinds of movement and to develop our own language. Choreographic composition is extensively covered to refine musicality, performance and relational skills, to discover the endless possibilities based on dancing together. Dance is a unique opportunity to integrate physical ability and inner balance, a path we wish to travel with joy, sensitivity, energy and satisfaction.



Can you tell us why you decided to dance?

Non lo so. I don’t know, it just happened.

Well, there must have been a particular aspect of dancing that struck your imagination.

The fact that you dance.

From the movie “Billy Elliot”