feldenkrais method

feldenkrais method

As you are reading the content of this site pay attention to the way you are feeling.

What position have you assumed and how did you choose it?

Are you sitting down, standing up, or lying down? Can you feel your weight?


Are you feeling comfortable?

Could you change anything in your position to be more comfortable?


Can you breathe better now?


To answer these questions it is essential to focus your attention on yourself and what you feel… there, you are already applying the Feldenkrais Method!


The basic principle is the following:
To achieve a significant change in posture and improve our general well-being it is essential first of all to increase our level of AWARENESS and become more sensitive to the signals we receive from deep within our system. Many talk about this, but not many movement-based practices really teach it. The Feldenkrais Method, stimulates the nervous system to perceive itself more accurately, the basic premise for change, by working on the bio-mechanical level and at the same time on perception, the senses and the neurocognitive level.


Many posture issues and physical pains are caused by the unconscious activation of a few automatisms: inadequate positions, excessive use of force, overworked joints and muscle groups, attitudes in conflict with fluid movement. Feldenkrais Method lessons are aimed at identifying these HABITS and help establish more functional movement strategies, enhancing flexibility, coordination, creativity, physical and emotional balance.


To change our own habits we need to experience many different ways of moving and realize that good organization means simplicity, efficiency, pleasure and beauty. Feldenkrais Method lessons suggest an endless variety of movements involving the entire body in different orientations in space. Through an intelligent educational system people are stimulated into LEARNING a new quality of movement. The neuromotor system is encouraged to optimize its potential, achieving an exclusive level of INTEGRATION between mind and body.


Being is movement, every action, relationship, feeling and thought has a dynamic principle. To improve our movement means to improve ourselves.

Origins of the Method

Moshe Feldenkrais (1904-1984) was a Jewish physicist and engineer. As an expert in martial arts, self-defence and enthusiastic soccer player he always combined his interest for movement and human development with scientific research. Thanks to years of experimentation he developed his method teaching a huge number of students, holding training courses and publishing world-famous books. He was a pioneer of somatic education, bringing to it fundamental insights on the workings of the neuromotor system, human learning and the relationship between movement and well-being. His method is widely acknowledged for its effectiveness and originality, appreciated by physicians, physiotherapists, athletes, artists and movement professionals worldwide.


The Method aims at allowing people to organize themselves with minimum effort and maximum efficiency, not through muscular force but increasing their awareness off how movement works. Moshe Feldenkrais