The body is our general means of having a world.

Maurice Merleau-Ponty


I like to call myself a movement educator because my skills make me capable of guiding people to discover, improve and refine their way of moving. Whether the goal is health, wellness, performance or personal growth, my interlocutor is the body in movement, in space and in relationship.

Esseremovimento is my training proposal that, centered on a systemic view of the human being, makes use of the multiple skills acquired over time in education, the arts and psycho-body health. It includes courses in the feldenkrais method®, contemporary dance and infant massage, as well as periodic workshops for dancers and actors, workshops for schools, training courses for professionals in the performing arts, education and health. I lead movement classes for people with special needs and customized pathways to support neurological and orthopedic recovery.


I trained as a contemporary dancer in Milan, Florence, Barcelona, Boston and New York, integrating a background in jazz, tap and ballet with release technique, contact improvisation and yoga. I began my teaching experience at the age of 20, working with adults and children in schools and training centers for dance and theater. I have worked as a performer for several Italian companies, encountering a wide range of styles, from research dance, dance-theater, physical theater and aerial dance and participating in numerous international tours.

I graduated in Philosophy in 2001 with a preference for a focus on the humanities and anthropology. I have conducted numerous educational projects in school and social settings on the topic of children’s rights and disability.

Key among my youthful formative experiences were the study of Music, piano and guitar, and Scouting, practiced as a child until college years.

In 2005 I co-founded the company Schuko, engaged for a decade in the production of site-specific shows and performances that integrate dance, design and visual arts, still active today through training courses aimed at artists and designers.

My interest in movement and choreography grew along with my interest in the humanities, the body-mind system, and learning processes, leading me to learn about the Feldenkrais Method, a technique that has profoundly affected the quality of my movement and my approach as a teacher. Feldenkrais fueled my curiosity in the human being from a philosophical and bodily perspective, providing me with essential teaching and creative tools. A 2008 graduate of the Feldenkrais Training Institute in Milan, I have been an Assistant Trainer for Feldenkrais teacher training courses since 2022.

In 2011 and in 2017 in a second edition, I published the volume Lezioni di Metodo Feldenkrais, per un’ecologia del movimento, published by Xenia. The text is a guide to the practice of the Method, introduced by an overview of its origins and theoretical assumptions.

I am a member of the Commission for Continuing Education of AIIMF Italian Association of Feldenkrais Method Teachers and active in international Feldenkrais trainings.

Relation through contact is the thread that from dance, through Feldenkrais practice, led me to become interested in Infant Massage, of which I became a certified teacher IAIM, International Association of Infant Massage in 2014.

Moving is also traveling, an activity I always enjoy doing! I have visited many countries, made connections with different cultures and lived for various periods of time in Spain, United States and Brazil. My latest landing place is Trieste, where I have lived since 2012 with my family. I like being able to use the languages I know, English, Spanish, French and Portuguese, and I prefer multicultural environments. Nature, in which I try to immerse myself as often as possible, is a source of continuous inspiration for my educational and artistic research.

I greatly enjoy collaborating with other professionals by placing my expertise alongside that of trainers, physical therapists, psychologists, coaches, physicians and artists.


Main contexts of work as a teacher:

Art and movement field: M.A.S. Milano, Accademia d’Arti Drammatiche Paolo Grassi Milano, Istituto di Formazione Feldenkrais Milano, Did Studio Milano, TILT Milano, Accademia Naba Milano, Accademia d’Arti Drammatiche Nico Pepe Udine, Lo Studio Udine, Centro Internazionale della Danza Rovereto, Accademia Teatrale Città di Trieste, Arteffetto Trieste, PerForm ASD Trieste, Artemusica Trieste, Scuola di Formazione in Danzaterapia Risvegli Milano-Trieste, Krušče Creative Center for Artistic Research, Creation, Residency and Education Slovenia, Feldenkrais Iternational Training Ljubljana.

Education field: Politecnico di Milano, IED Istituto Europeo di Design Milano, Liceo Classico-Coreutico Tito Livio Milano, Save the Children, Unicef, Emergency Milano, Cooperativa Sociale Duemilauno Trieste, Ass. Handicap..su la testa! Milano, IC Dante Trieste, Collegio del Mondo Unito Trieste, MiniMu Trieste.

Health field: Centro di Psicoterapia CLIC Trieste, Centro di Psicoterapia Il Minotauro Milano, Centro per il trattamento dei Disturbi del Comportamento Alimentare Monfalcone, Associazione Italiana Sindrome Fibromialgica.

Main contexts of work as a trainer for health professionals:

EDIErmes Milano, Alia Psicoterapia e Formazione Milano, HTCongressi Bologna, La Riabilitazione Cesena, Federeazione Italiana Fitness, Centro di riabilitazione Cremona Solidale.

Main contexts of work as a performer:

Compagnia Schuko, as artistic director and dancer

Materiali Resistenti, dir. Ivan Manzoni

Compagnia Lische, dir. Cristiano Fabbri e Simone Magnani

Compagnia Lucylab, dir. Rosita Mariani

Companhia do Quintal, dir. Eugenio De Mello

Teatro delle Moire, dir. Alessandra De Santis e Attilio Nicoli Cristiani

Compagnia Arearea, dir. Roberto Cocconi e Marta Bevilacqua

Compagnia Aiep, dir. Ariella Vidach


Festival Danae Milano, Conservatorio di Milano, Festival Exister Milano, CRT Teatro dell’Arte Milano, PIM Spazio Scenico Milano, NAO Performing Festival Milano, Teatro Smeraldo Milano, Stalker Teatro Torino, Fondazione Merz Torino, Teatro Akropolis Genova, MART di Rovereto, CSS Teatro Contatto Udine, Teatro Camploy Verona, Biennale Danza di Venezia, Teatro Fondamenta Nuove Venezia, Danceproject Trieste, Teatro Sloveno Trieste, Teatro Miela Trieste, Hangar Teatri Trieste, Teatro Basaglia Trieste, Festival di Santarcangelo, Festival Kilowatt Sansepolcro, Parco d’Arte Marzona Verzegnis, Teatro Rossini Pesaro, Teatro Annibal Caro Civitanova, Teatro Kismet Bari, Festival della Valle d’Itria Martinafranca, Lavori in pelle Ravenna, Anticorpi XL Ravenna, Auditorium Parco della Musica Roma, Napoli Fringe Festival, Biennale dei Giovani Artisti d’Europa e del Mediterraneo Napoli, Pétites Scenes Ouvertes Parigi, Festival Onze Bouge Parigi, Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Bruxelles, Theatre de Beaulieu Losanna, IN3 Scenographer’s Festival Basilea, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Teatro Romano di Cesarea Israele, Ansan Theatre Corea, Festival Juste pour rire Montereal, Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro Bogotà.



Lezioni di Metodo Feldenkrais, per un’ecologia del movimento | edito da Xenia (2011)


Lezioni di Metodo Feldenkrais, per un’ecologia del movimento | riedizione (2017)



di Marta Melucci e Edoardo Gustini

Il Metodo Feldenkrais in riabilitazione in “Il Fisioterapista” 6/2016| EdiErmes (2016)


di Marta Melucci

Più flessibile con il Feldenkrais  in “Starbene” 18/2018| Mondadori (2018)


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