Studying dance with Marta has taught me to loosen up my mental and physical rigidity, it has made me discover the pleasure of experimenting with new territories of movement without fear. With Marta I realized that even limits can be a point of strength. The lessons are complete with technique and choreographic-artistic parts. Their precise structure satisfies everyone: those who love to study, those who love to dance and those who love both aspects of a dance lesson. Monica


The Feldenkrais Method taught me new ways of moving and listening to the body. Marco


Through Feldenkrais, my mobility became global and harmonious. Gianna


In the floorwork classes I discovered the creative possibilities that the floor gives you in composing and producing movement. With Feldenkrais I brought attention to previously unknown parts of the body and literally felt them stretch. The mind slowed down and the aches and pains went away. The seminars were a unique opportunity to experiment with new forms and suggestions, choreography and sensations, through interaction with the group, and with the surrounding environment and its natural and artistic elements. Marta is professional, creative, inspiring, and extremely generous in her teaching. I look forward to continuing to dance with her. Nicoletta


Marta’s courses develop according to a logic of progression that is intelligently designed and constructed. Her explanations and corrections are full of clear and simple images, which have led me to change the way I think about movement and consequently to revolutionize it. From her I have learned to step out of the rigidity of patterns and embrace multiple possibilities. Marta


A path of relaxation and learning for the body and mind. Teresa


Feldenkrais is a method that I recommend to everyone because it stimulates the improvement of perception and body awareness. It allows us to feel, which is the first step to weelness. Sara


“Knowing yourself through movement”, this is the synthesis of the Feldenkrais Method. Riccardo


I started following lessons and seminars of the Feldenkrais Method as part of my recovery program after a monoparesis in my left leg, due to spinal compression. It was a truly unique opportunity, the Method taught me that in the slowness, in the small movement and in the inner silence it is possible to find a respectful way to be in touch with the whole body. I perceived a great improvement in my state of health, I felt a new organization of the whole system and a deeper connection of all body parts in movement. Thank you Marta, my dear teacher and witness of my journey! Fabiana


The Method is…increased attention to movement, a broader vision and increased creativity,

wonder and curiosity for the infinite possible configurations. It is the pleasure of experimenting in a welcoming atmosphere, where you feel at ease, followed with competence and love. Annarita


I had never experienced such a fluid and mindful movement! Chiara


Every class with Marta is like a journey through my body, different on each occasion. I always discover new possibilities of movements, I find spaces in me that I did not know I had  and of which I become more aware. All the physical experience then reflects in mental presence, in a greater clarity. Feldenkrais leaves me a sense of amusement and well-being that lasts way beyond the hour of class. Maria Roberta


Thanks to Marta’s clear and never trivial explanations, I learned that the limits we set ourselves are often just a mental barrier, that you can learn to fall and that the floor is a very comfortable and welcoming surface if you learn to use it in the right way. Sara


I still remember the first dance lesson in which Marta gathered us in a circle, made us close our eyes and guided us towards listening to our bodies to understand the movements we needed in that precise moment. So, for me, her classes, which manage to connect people of very different ages and physical preparations, have always been a continuous discovery of myself and others: an enriching experience that went beyond the dance studio. Linda


“Feldenkrais” only has harsh sounds in pronunciation. It teaches fundamental things, such as where the sitting bones are! Or that the body sees and perceives not only through the eyes. Valentina


The Infant Massage is a thorough and fun process. Marta managed to create an environment of complicity and sharing. It was not only a massage course, but also a place to chat and compare notes with other new mothers. Engaging, very useful and definitely enjoyable! Noemi