marta melucci

I am a teacher and a performer, movement intrigues me and amazes me in all its forms, it is my favourite dimension to research, grow and relate to the world.


I studied contemporary dance in Milano, Boston, Barcelona and New York, integrating my academic studies with contact improvisation, yoga, aerial dance and tip tap. Since the age of 20 I have taught in a number of dance and drama schools and training centres. I have worked with a few Italian companies performing in countries around the world, and since 2005 I’ve been co-directing Schuko, a company performing shows, site-specific performances and multimedia works integrating dance, design and visual arts. I also have a B.A. in Philosophy and Anthropology and have worked in social and academic education.


My fascination with movement grew alongside my interest for Humanities, the mind-body relationship and pedagogy, bringing me to discover the Feldenkrais® Method, a discovery that would deeply affect the quality of my movement, teaching method and my interest in human beings. I have written a manual published by Xenia in 2011 entitled: Feldenkrais Method Lessons, for an ecology of movement.


Relationships through physical contact are what brought me from dance, through the Feldenkrais method, to explore Infant Massage and become a teacher certified by A.I.M.I (Italian Infant Massage Association).


Movement is also travelling and I was lucky enough to travel extensively. I have visited many countries, created a bond with different cultures and lived in a number of cities. My current home is Trieste, where I have been living since 2012. Here in my spare time I go trekking and climbing.

The courses and workshops I run with professional performers, sports trainers and health workers, for amateurs, children and people with disabilities allow me the privilege to work with people of all ages, driven by constant enthusiasm and the conviction that learning through movement is a form of development essential for human beings throughout their lives.





As a teacher I have also worked at:

M.A.S. Milano, Accademia d’Arti Drammatiche Paolo Grassi Milano, Istituto di Formazione Feldenkrais Milano, Did Studio Milano, TILT Milano, Accademia d’Arti Drammatiche Nico Pepe Udine, Lo Studio Udine, Centro Internazionale della Danza Rovereto, Accademia Teatrale Città di Trieste, Cooperativa Sociale Duemilauno Trieste, Arteffetto Trieste, Perform Trieste


As an educator:

EDIErmes Milano, Alia Psicoterapia e Formazione Milano, HTevents Bologna, La Riabilitazione Cesena


As a performer:

Festival Danae Milano, Conservatorio di Milano, Festival Exister Milano, CRT Teatro dell’Arte Milano, PIM Spazio Scenico Milano, NAO Performing Festival Milano, Teatro Smeraldo Milano, Stalker Teatro Torino, Fondazione Merz Torino, Teatro Akropolis Genova, MART di Rovereto, CSS Teatro Contatto Udine, Teatro Camploy Verona, Biennale Danza di Venezia, Teatro Fondamenta Nuove Venezia, Danceproject Trieste, Teatro Sloveno Trieste, Teatro Miela Trieste, Festival di Santarcangelo, Festival Kilowatt Sansepolcro, Teatro Rossini Pesaro, Teatro Annibal Caro Civitanova, Teatro Kismet Bari, Festival della Valle d’Itria Martinafranca, Lavori in pelle Ravenna, Anticorpi XL Ravenna, Auditorium Parco della Musica Roma, Napoli Fringe Festival, Biennale dei Giovani Artisti d’Europa e del Mediterraneo Napoli, Pétites Scenes Ouvertes Parigi, Festival Onze Bouge Parigi, Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Bruxelles, Theatre de Beaulieu Losanna, IN3 Scenographer’s Festival Basilea, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Teatro Romano di Cesarea Israele, Ansan Theatre Corea, Festival Juste pour rire Montereal, Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro Bogotà